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Monday 18th of December 2017

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Posted: Tuesday 25th of July 2017, 18:14:48


St Andrew’s is one of the 15 Catholic worshipping communities in the Blackfriars Partnership, which covers the City Centre and western parts of Newcastle.

On Saturday 8th July, the Blackfriars Partnership Development Group (PDG) held their second meeting at St Matthew’s, Ponteland. The meeting took the form of a workshop which looked at how the Blackfriars Partnership could work together as Laity and Priests, with the hope that this would allow the priests to perform their Ordained Ministries of Praying and Preaching more effectively, as well as allow greater Lay participation across the Partnership.

We were led by an external facilitator who enabled us to identify and prioritise several topics or initiatives, which we believe are both crucial and achievable. The initial three initiatives that have been selected are:
1) Youth;
2) Lay Leadership;
3) Administration.

From these three initiatives some first steps were identified and have been looked at already. The PDG was formed into three Steering Groups which were commissioned to ‘Put flesh on the bones’ of the primary initiatives.

It is hoped that a rolling programme of other initiatives will begin in the not too distant future. This all requires greater Lay involvement and a continued call to prayer. Please pray for the PDG that we, and all of us within the Blackfriars Partnership, may be guided by the Holy Spirit in our thoughts and actions. God Bless

Posted: Wednesday 19th of July 2017, 20:14:22


The web address for the St Andrew's web site has changed from 17/7/17 because the original web address expired and it wasn't possible to re-instate it due to contractual restrictions.

The new web address is quite similar to the old one, as follows: